Mobicaching is Symbian application created to make geocaching easier. It allows you to download info about geocaches near you and save it into your device’s memory, so you won’t need to maintain network connection while hunting.

Here are few main features:
- online map with tree views – streets, terrain and satellite
- OpenStreetMap support with tile caching
- downloading and saving geocaches with their images and logs from:
-, and
- updating all geocaches you keep on your device just by two clicks
- saving geocache’s location as landmark in Nokia Maps
- searching (currently only for geocaches, not places on map)

There are also few features missing:
- logging to geocache
- searching for places on map
- maybe more geocaching servers

Here are few screenshots:

Download (available in Nokia Store for S60 5th Edition and Symbian^3):
- full version here
- trial version here

Known issues:
- there are extra options in menu while reading geocache’s description (editing options and writing language) – they come from Symbian API and I am unable to remove them (not only I have such problem)
- geocache description is rewinded while opening menu

If you have any problem with application, please open Mobicaching, open Options menu and select Help – maybe there is an answer you are looking for. It not – mail me or post a comment here.



Mobicaching-0.9.6 [20-04-2013]
- support added.

Mobicaching-0.9.5 [26-02-2013]
- Compass fixed on s60 5th
- Small database fix

Mobicaching-0.9.4 [16-02-2013]
- Compass added
- Waypoint support added
- Fixed issue with
- Screensaver is turned off by default
- User logs are accessible from main menu
- GPX import feature added
- Fixed issue with maps on older devices
- User may select list of geocaches to remove

Mobicaching-0.9.3 [08-01-2013]
- OpenStreetMap was crashing on S60 5th
- Privacy policy added

Mobicaching-0.9.2 [28-12-2012]
- new faster database
- user position is shown above geocaches
- map lets user to download visible geocaches
- Mobicaching/images directory is hidden
- user may mark geocaches as found/not found/commented
- new icons
- database shows geocaches’ icons
- geocache icon is different when clicked
- archived and reviewed geocaches support
- show/hide geocaches feature
- map legend added
- questions have better dialogs now
- map moves with user when gps is active
- found geocaches may be hidden
- OpenStreetMap support (with caching)

Mobicaching-0.9.1 [12-09-2012]
- new geocaches are marked differently now
- “Please wait” dialog is closed when user wants to download geocache from
inactive source
- homepage link added
- zoom-in and zoom-out icons updated

Mobicaching-0.9.0 [03-09-2012]
- first release




  1. Alan Breen says

    I downloaded the trial version, but it appears that there is no geocache data for my part of the world, New Zealand. There appears to be no way to enter any geocaches manually. Is there any way to load data for this part of the world, is this app only useful in the US and Europe?

    • noname043 says

      Mobicaching is currently limited to NL, PL, ORG.UK, US OpenCaching Nodes and to, but I am going to add gpx import feature soon, so there will be possibility to add geocaches outside these sources.

  2. Free-thinker says

    Is there any chance to use this great app with server?

    • noname043 says

      Mobicaching does not support directly for now. You may download gpx file from, then open database from Mobicaching’s main menu and import the file.

  3. flopp says just added OKAPI support::

    • noname043 says

      Thanks! I’ll add its support to Mobicaching soon.

  4. Psychocki says

    Witam, są jakieś problemy z aplikacją ostatnio? Od paru dni aplikacja nie wyświetla mi skrzynek (oprócz tych zapisanych), wszystko ziała, pozycjonuje itp, ale skrzynek nie wyświetla. W przypadku skrzynek zapisanych nie da się ściągnąć logów ani zdjęć? szczerze mówiąc nie mam zielonego pojęcia co się stało. Będę wdzięczny za szybką odpowiedź. Pozdrawiam

    • noname043 says

      Aplikacja działa, ale serwer padł. Jeśli jest włączony w ustawieniach, Mobicaching próbuje pobierać z niego dane i nie otrzymuje żadnej odpowiedzi przez długi czas. Polecam po prostu go odznaczyć.


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