Posted by noname043 at 20 April 2013

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Hi there! team has succesfully installed OKAPI instance on their server so I was able to add OCDE support to Mobicaching. Update is sent to Nokia Store and awaits review. It should be available next week.

Well, I didn’t annonce version 0.9.5. It’s because I had sent 0.9.4 to Nokia Store, it was published and then I heard about bugs with compass on S60 5th Edition and some issues when database was opened but there were no geocaches in it. So 0.9.5 wasn’t that big – like 0.9.4 – and it was meant to be released as quickly as possible.

There is also one sad thing. Mobicaching has grown (it’s over 10k LOC now) and my computer is too weak to keep developing it. It’s not the matter of my code but the matter of toolchain. Symbian toolchains are extremely slow and inefficient. They compile previously compiled code that didn’t change and it takes ages to put one small change into the project. At the beginning compilation was about 1-3 minutes. It’s over 10 minutes now. Well, there is also Qt Simulator, but it has its bugs and it doesn’t act like real device so debugging is horrible. By saying this I mean Mobicaching won’t be developed in near future. If there are bugs, I’ll try to fix them but I don’t promise they’ll be fixed.

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