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Posted by noname043 at 21 September 2012

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I have released new Mobicaching version recently. Update is available in Nokia Store. Here’s changelog:
Mobicaching-0.9.1 [12-09-2012]
- new geocaches are marked differently now
- "Please wait" dialog is closed when user wants to download geocache from
inactive source
- homepage link added
- zoom-in and zoom-out icons updated

I have also released trial version of Mobicaching. Available in Nokia Store.

Posted by noname043 at 4 September 2012

Category: News


I’m Mateusz and I write this blog/site/something. I’m going to show here my projects. Mainly Qt, but maybe in the future there will be something else. For now I have published three projects: Mobicaching, Multitimer and QNotes available in menu somewhere here

Hope you’ll like it.